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Dikai photoelectric exhibitors bring new products to Tianjin International Equipment Manufacturing Expo

      On March 6, 2015, by the China Machinery Industry Federation, China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association, China International Trade Promotion Committee Machinery Industry Branch, Tianjin Economic and Information Technology Commission, Tianjin Commission of Commerce and other co hosted Tianjin International Equipment Manufacturing Expo will containing the opening, the exhibition gathered at home and abroad many equipment manufacturing enterprises, relates to the machine tool, casting forging, automation, instrumentation and other industries. Infrared thermometer expert Dikai photoelectric carrying the new independent R & D and production of infrared temperature measurement instrument series products exhibitors, buyers around the world to provide the most complete infrared temperature measurement and monitoring solution.
Exhibition, with infrared thermometer in the special environment of the power monitoring, metal processing, glass manufacturing, and other applications, attracting many domestic and foreign customers, contractors to come to consultations, negotiations. Wuhan Dikai photoelectric engineer Mr. Wang Haitao, in talking about the infrared enterprise R & D said that enterprises have been in a professional R & D infrared thermometer for the mission, and provide infrared sensing, measurement and imaging technology as its mission, continue to increase investment and development of enterprise products, create high-quality, customer satisfaction with the products.

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