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    provide accurate temperature measurement and control scheme for customers.

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       As the enterprise in the field of photoelectric technology, recently passed the high-tech enterprises, awarded by the Hubei provincial science and Technology Department, the Finance Department of Hubei Province, Hubei Province State Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau of Hubei Province jointly issued the "high-tech enterprise certificate"。 Dike photoelectric early in 2013 won by Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone Management Committee finds that the "high-tech enterprise" certificate, according to the State Council approved the implementation of the January 1, 2015 "management measures" of high-tech enterprises, we declare again, and passed the identification of high-tech enterprises。 The Division I can smoothly through the high-tech enterprises, thanks to the government of our future development achievements since the establishment of the support and recognition, thanks to the company for a long time, attaches great importance to independent innovation and sustained investment, from the customer and the community for Dikai photoelectric the care and support, active participation from not all employees in the practice of technological innovation and management innovation in the。 Through high-tech enterprises, means and continuous development of our science and technology innovation ability, transformation ability was recognized by the Department of the government, build brand promotion and help the image of the company。 In addition to the company as a high-tech enterprise in accordance with the relevant national policies to enjoy preferential tax, also will be the introduction of talent。

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